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This page is dedicated to things (read: items, people, places, events…okay, all nouns) that I’m currently stalking loving.

Inspirational/ Weight-loss

Prior Fat Girl: Jen began her journey in 2007 and has lost 90+ pounds. Throughout her journey, she’s faced many triumphs and one great loss. On the day that she reached her 100 pounds loss, she unexpectedly lost her mother. Follow Jen as she navigates through maintaining (and occasionally (re)losing with the support of family, friends, and the memory of her mother.

Success Along the Weigh: The Mrs. (as she likes to be called) is a sharp-witted, sarcastic, workout machine. She’s lost 185 pounds from her previous 400+ pound frame. Working out and planning out her meals with her husband, she’s never one to take the easy way out. Follow her (there’s never a dull moment) as she battles though the remaining pounds with her head held high (and occasionally, her middle finger in the air).

The shape of things to come…: My biggest inspiration. Jen began her journey in Siberia. No joke. Prior to baby Kayla, Jen often traveled with her husband while he was on business. One of those trips included a move to Siberia for 3 years. Disturbed and saddened by a photograph taken on vacation and motivated by a man who ran around the soccer field every day (yes, in Siberia), Jen began her journey. Currently, having lost over 100 pounds, Jen is gearing up to run a marathon in Rome and compete in an IronMan competition.

Life is a Verb!: Visual inspiration at its best. At it’s heart, Tumblr is a blogging platform that reinforces the concept of a picture being worth 1,000 words. This NYC woman has lost 90 pounds and makes no excuses for, nor hides the fact, that she’s losing weight for vanity reasons. Fit is fashionable.

Sweet and Sass X: This girl is crazy. For real. A two-time graduate of P90X and a graduate of Insanity, Katy loves to sweat. And, she does it all while being a Mom (and a teacher). Also in the 90 pound lost club, Katy’s more into toning up than losing weight (though, she won’t knock it if it happens). Follow Katy as she kicks some major ass…just, don’t slip on her sweat.

That’s How I Roll: A true humanitarian, this woman biked from the Atlantic coast to the Pacific in an effort to aid in building houses for low-income families through a Bike and Build program. And, she did it while over 200 pounds. Other obstacles she’s tackled while over 200 pounds include 2 marathons and several 5ks. I’ve lost sight of how much weight she’s lost, but the number doesn’t really matter. Follow her for her smile, her gigantic heart, and thought-provoking insights.

Zeus Meatball: Having lost more than 200 pounds on his journey so far, Zeus has found a love for biking and a renewed sense of self.


Celiac Teen: Diagnosed with Celiac disease, this teen posts mouth-watering pictures and recipes. Not to be missed if can’t have gluten in your diet…or, even if you can.

Oh She Glows: Angela makes vegan food vibrant, delicious, and fun. Gone are the days when vegan equaled gray mush. Now are the times of chocolate cookie dough blizzards, Glo bars, and green monsters.

Gluten Free Girl and the Chef: My first find in the gluten-free recipe world, these blog entries read as short stories. Descriptive and engaging.


TL Conway writes here: TL Conway is a budding writer who was completed Nanowrimo twice (which is no easy feat, believe me, I’ve tried). TL loves to squirrel away in her big comfy chair with her dog at her feet and write until the sun rises, sets, and repeats. With big dreams of travel and publishing, this girl has her eyes on the prize. Often interactive in her blogs, follow TL as she hones her craft.


Pixiwoo: Pixiwoo are British makeup artists and sisters. Samantha Chapman began posting makeup tutorials on YouTube as a way to show her clients how she did their makeup. When the response was positive, she began posting more frequently and asked her sister Nicola to join in the fun. Now, they are my go-to tutorialists (is that a word?). I enjoy their techniques, tips, and sense of humor. A word of warning, they look gorgeous even without makeup.

Makeup Geek: Marlena, a former music teacher, is a self-taught makeup guru. I believe that she has plans to train in Paris. In the meantime, she is CEO of Makeup Geek and began her career by posting videos on YouTube. Originally, I found Marlena by searching for weight-loss inspirations stories on YouTube. That’s right, Marlena is yet another member of the 90 pounds lost club.

Tanya Burr: Tanya is a 22-year-old makeup artist and (quasi) sister-in-law to the Pixiwoo sisters. Originally linked to one of her videos through Pixiwoo, Tanya offers a fresh and younger approach to makeup. In addition to makeup, Tanya has a passion for jewelry that she expresses through her jewelry line with Tallulah Tu.

Jim Chapman: As a brother of the Pixiwoo sisters and boyfriend to Tanya Burr, Jim has a lot to live up to. Jim chooses to focus on men’s grooming, and why not – he is a man after all. Easy on the eyes, Jim’s chosen profession is student. For now. He’s currently beginning his masters program in Psychology.

Lauren Conrad: Lauren Conrad of ‘The Hills’ and ‘Laguna Beach’ fame is, to me, a likeable and relatable girl next door type. I often visit Lauren’s blog for her ‘Friday Favorites’, hair tutorials, and when I’m in the mood for very delicate/feminine looks.


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